Robot Wheels has been around for years, evolving from simple to more complex design. As we all know they are used in wheeled robots, enabling them to move at higher pace and get any tasks done effortlessly in less time.
Besides the faster execution of tasks, with the use of wheels, these robots can take over tasks which are considered dangerous to human life, like exploring mines, saving humans from landmines in time of disaster and moving on other planets surfaces. They can also transfer heavy objects from one place to another due to their capacity to carry heavy weight which is provided by wheels. These robots are not limited to real world. In many robotic competitions, the participants are required to build simple wheeled robots that resemble these robots in real life environments to get familiar with their mechanics, design and programming.
Moreover, using wheels in robots provide more balance and stability comparing to legs. A legged robot has more difficult time to maintain its balance, but a wheeled robot with at least two contact point through wheels, have more stability.

Exploring our robot wheel collection

Depending on your desired application, there are different types of wheels including idle and drive wheels that can be used in wheeled robots. drive wheels are powered by motors through an axle to move your robot on the road, but idle wheels are only used for creating more contact points. They rotate freely without the need to be fixed onto an axle. Our Robot wheels including drive and idle wheels comes in different shapes and sizes and are built with different materials which can be changed to match your requirements. This wide range of wheels contains Omni wheels, conventional/fixed wheels and ball casters. Each of them provide specific movement like diagonal, lateral and forward and backward movement needed to perform certain tasks in robotic competitions. But their applications are not limited to this. They can also be used for industrial purposes.
If you’d like to change any of our wheels to be an exact match to your needs, please contact us by filling customize your robot wheel form.