Omni Directional Wheel

The "Omni Directional Wheel" is the best type of wheel for Robocop competition specially soccer leagues.
An omni directional wheel can drive along a straight line from one point to another, while rotating along the line in order to arrive with the correct orientation.
Multi-directional ability powerful Aluminum body with high friction rubber to move straight, thin body in order to make it able to place easily in all kinds of robots without wasting space, Especially when Robot size is limited.
The assembly consists of a main wheel and traversal rollers.

Some of the advantages of this product are:
• Multi-directional ability
• no need to turn around
• saving time and energy
• able to circle arrangement with only 3 wheels
• 3 cyclic arrangements.

We make sizes between 50mm to 150mm with hole diameter of 4mm or 6mm with 4 Grades.
Our Omni directional wheels can be customized according to the customer order. We can change material or size of the Omni wheels and add bearing to the wheels..

Caster Wheels

These “caster ball wheels” contain a spherical metal ball positioned within a holder. The ball has 360° of freedom and is normally used to balance a robot. It has low friction with the surface and it does not prevent the robot movement.
We offer ball casters that can be easily incorporated into chassis designs and ideal for competition robots that come in a variety of sizes.

Aluminum Robot Wheels

The "Aluminum wheels" are simple, efficient and useful wheels for robots, especially Labirint Robot, Maze Robot and Rescue Robots as they are solid and robust. Moreover, they have rubber coated with appropriate friction. These wheels are balanced with less wobble. The wheel body is shiny and there are some holes on the surface which helps to be lighter. Moreover the holes can be used as an encoder. They have Allen screws on the central shaft.