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USB accelerometer catalog
3-axis Meter USB Accelerometer is an accurate and precise tool used to measure vibration of different structures. this valid sensor is a critical part for many devices used in industry and research applications.
caster wheels for robots
Caster ball wheels” is a kind of robot wheels which has 360° of freedom and is normally used to balance a robot with low friction and it does not prevent the robot movement.
best robot wheel
The "Aluminum wheels" are simple, efficient and useful wheels for robots, especially Labirint Robot, Maze Robot and Rescue Robots as they are solid and robust.
soccer robot ball
The "Infrared ball" satisfies new specification of soccer competition and new RoboCupJunior rules with powerful battery.
best multi directional wheel for robocup competition
The "Omni Directional Wheel" is one of the best robot wheels for easy movement of all kinds of robots especially junior soccer robots and small size robots.The assembly consists of the main wheel and traversal rollers.