Products Overview

Omni Directional Wheel

“Omni directional Wheel” is the best type of wheel for Robocop competitions especially soccer leagues.

An omni directional wheel can drive along a straight line from one point to another while rotating along the line in order to arrive at the correct orientation. Multi-directional ability powerful Aluminum body with high friction rubber to move straight, thin body in order to make it able to place easily in all kinds of robots without wasting space, especially when Robot size is limited. The assembly of our Omni directional wheels consists of a main wheel and traversal rollers.

Aluminum Robot Wheels

“Aluminum robot wheels” are simple, efficient and useful wheels for robots, especially Labyrinth Robot, Maze Robot and Rescue Robots as they are solid and robust.

Moreover, they have rubber coated with appropriate friction. These wheels are balanced with less wobble. The wheel body is shiny and there are some holes in the surface which helps to be lighter. Moreover, the holes can be used as an encoder. They have Allen screws on the central shaft.

Gear wheel

Gears are one of the mechanical parts of different structures which are used to transmit power and motion. Spur gear is one of the most used gear in many industries. when two gears mesh together, the smaller one is pinion gear which is connected to the motor shaft.

Our Spur and pinion gears which are available in different sizes can be used in many machines and devices like robots.  Most of our gears are made out of steel due to durability but you can also buy brass spur and pinion gears on gtfrobots.

Dc Gear Motor

Dc gear motor is basically an electrical motor which converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. In order to choose the right dc gear motor for your applications, you need to consider different factors like volt, speed and torque. Small and medium robots need battery to work. So dc gear motor which is battery powered, is the best option for these types of robots. Most Battery powered robots operate at 12, 24, 60 volts.

Here on gtfrobots we’re offering:

we’re aiming to help Robotistics to have the best dc gear motor possible.

Infrared Electronic Ball

In RoboCupJunior soccer competitions, the ball must meet some specific requirements.

The 40kHz carrier output of our infrared electronic ball is modulated with a trapezoidal (stepped) waveform of frequency 1.2kHz. This enables the sensors to easily distinguish the infrared light emitted by the ball from infrared emissions from other sources, and also to estimate the approximate distance to the ball. This ball covers all the requirement of the specifications needed in RoboCupJunior soccer competitions. It could operate in the modulated pulse mode and the current unmodulated mode.

Caster Ball Wheels

These “caster ball wheels” contain a spherical metal ball positioned within a holder. The ball has 360° of freedom and is normally used to balance a robot. It has low friction with the surface and it does not prevent the robot movement.

We offer ball casters that can be easily incorporated into chassis designs and ideal for competition robots that come in a variety of sizes.

Aluminum Square Beam

Square beams are one of the strongest beam among different shapes of beams. We as manufacturer have produced unique aluminum square beams in different sizes. Despite common square beams which have all holes drilled on four sides at equal distance, in our square beams, each hole is located in front of another hole on the opposite side. So there are less holes on the beam. In this way the beam is stronger and have higher load capacity and resistance.

Our aluminum square beams are available in three different sizes:

  • 127.5mm 34 holes
  • 157mm 42 holes
  • 67mm 20 holes