Omni wheels or multi-directional wheels are the types of wheels which can move in any direction. With the use of rollers or sometimes called discs, they are able to rotate at 360 degrees, roll to sideways smoothly and also act as a regular wheel moving forwards and backwards. Rollers are small mostly rubber-made wheels placed at certain points with the same distance on the wheel.

One of the most important use of Omni wheels is in robotic competitions. There are many drivetrains designs which robotists have to choose from in order to create their robot according to the specific competition requirements they signed up for, but a robot with H-drive or holonomic drive are the two drivetrains which require Omni wheels to be able to move in any direction. In these designs, four or five Omni-wheels are used and placed at the corners of robot chassis at a certain degree in a way that the wheels are non-parallel to the chassis.

Some of the robotic competitions which require multi directional wheels, are RoboCup competitions, FIRST robotic competition, URC and World Robot Olympiad™.

We have designed and manufactured various Omni directional wheels with different hole and bore diameters and different prices. The wheels’ rollers are made of rubber and have a steel or brass bearing and the gap between them have been minimized by increasing the number of rollers to provide a smooth rolling on the floor and reduce friction when the robot is passing over an obstacle. The number of rollers are different based on the wheels’ diameter. The larger the diameter, the more the rollers are.

Check out our collection of Omni wheels and find what you need. if available wheels do not meet your requirements, please go to customize wheel page and customize your wheel by filling out a simple form and get exactly what you want.