Regular, standard or fixed robotic wheels are essential in many projects as they provide forward and backward movement which is the fundamental movement in any wheeled robots.

Our wide range of standard aluminum robot wheels is perfect for your next project requiring forward and backward movement. They consist of a rubber tire tread and an aluminum rim with a bore hole for mounting shafts.

The rubber tire tread with smooth surface provides a perfect traction and grip especially on dry surfaces by increasing the contact surface and keeping the robot in full contact with the floor which prevent the wheels from wobbling and slipping. the more the weight of your robot, the more the traction with the ground will be. Despite robot wheels with different patterns that can be easily worn out under pressure, these grippy tires, have a longer lifespan, due to their smooth tread pattern. The aluminum hubs which have 6 symmetrical holes, come in different diameters and mount holes compatible with dc motors shafts.

Having a light weight wheels in many applications such as RC plane which must lift off the ground is essential. our aluminum wheels which can be produced in small sizes, help to reduce the weight of your robot, while withstanding heavy loads easily.


Our standard aluminum robot wheels are widely used in DIY projects and are ideal for robotic hobbyists and enthusiast who are just getting started in robotics and are willing to dedicate themselves to learning and building simple robots of their own. with the ability to move forward and backward, our wheels are perfect for line follower robot which require to move along a usually black line and self-balancing robots in which stabilize and keep the robot upright by finding the balancing point through moving forward and backward.

Other applications:

  • Two, three and four-wheeled robots
  • Wheeled soccer robots
  • Smart car robots
  • RC Planes
  • Gesture Controlled Robot
  • Rollators and rolling walkers
  • Industrial transport
  • Pallet cart