Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the advantag of the GTFRobots Omni wheels in comparison with other Omni wheels?
There are lots of advantages! The most important are:
  • They are light
  • They are thin
  • They have a good friction with the surface
and we have lots of customers from all over the world such as Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherland, Iran, etc., in robotic fields as soccer and rescue robots (you can see Customers in our website)
2 Is there any difference in mass of the wheel in grade A and B?
The difference between the constructing materials is negligible.
3 Does our price include freight?
No. When you proceed with your order, freight will be added.
4 What are our shipping methods and how much do they cost?
We have 2 methods of shipping:
  • Express:
    • Fast and expensive
    • Delivery time is about 5-10 days
    • The cost depends on the destination country and the mass of the package(we can tell you after your order)
    • Have tracking number
  • Postal:
    • Slow and cheap
    • Delivery time is about 10-20 days
    • The cost depends on the destination country and the mass of the package (we can tell you after your order)
    • Have tracking number with EMS
5 What are our methods of payment?
We use two methods for payment:
  • PayPal
  • Western union

6 How can you have a PI for your request?
In order to have a PI from GTFRobots for your request, you have to send us:
  • Complete order includes model, grade and quantity you need
  • Complete name
  • Complete address
  • Your phone number
  • Your shipping method: Express or Postal
7 What is the process of buying from GTFRobots?
  • • Buy from GTFRobots shop or Email us and clear the items below
    • about your request and what you need or buy online
    • send us your complete information as in 4
    • tell us if you need a PayPal request
  • Get a PI from GTFRobots
  • Pay the price of your PI and send us your receipt
  • We will send your request and shipping tracking number after payment confirmation
  • Receive it and enjoy our best quality wheels!

8Can my company become a GTFRobots re-seller or distributor?
Please contact us directly to discuss this opportunity further.

9What is the handling time for an order?
After payment confirmation:
  • <20 : 3-7 days
  • >20 : we will inform you (as soon as possible)
10Is it possible to customize the wheels according to the customer order?
Yes. Our Omni directional wheels can be customized according to the customer order. We can change material or size of the Omni wheels and add bearing to the wheels.