Customize your Robot Wheels Based on your Needs

Product customization has been used for years to create a better experience for customers and fulfill any needs that cannot be met by just shopping for available products online, and the robotics industry is no exception.

Finding the right robot wheels can be a problem many robot builders face. Even with different options online, they are still not satisfied with what they see in online stores. We often hear from our customers that the products in our online store can’t meet their requirements. Therefore, we have decided to offer customized wheels options. So, you can customize Omni wheels, Mecanum wheels, aluminum robot wheels, and plastic wheels as per your needs.

With custom robot wheels, you no longer need to worry about whether the wheels are a match for your robot or not. You get to choose robot wheel sizes and the material used in them. Our goal is to ensure our customers receive the best products based on their specific needs and also have the best experience here on Gtfrobots.

How to Customize your Wheel?

To get your custom robot wheel, you need to fill out the form below. By completing the form, you will tell us:

  • The types of robot wheels you need, such as Omni wheel, plastic wheel, and aluminum wheel.
  • The size of wheels in millimeters, including the diameter of the wheel and the bore size.
  • The materials used in robot wheels. Note that our wheels are available in steel, brass, and aluminum, but you can choose any other material you want.
  • Your order quantity.

After filling out the form below, our team will contact you as soon as possible to submit your order and to give you any further information you might need.