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100mm Diameter Industrial Omni Wheel
September 14, 2017
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April 22, 2018
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Infrared Electronic Robot Ball for Playing Soccer


  • IR peak wavelength: 940nm
  • Number of IR-LEDs: 20 pcs
  • Supply voltage : 4.8-6V DC
  • Dimension : 74mm in diameter, sphere
  • An Infrared Electronic Robot Ball compliant to the new specification of RoboCupJunior soccer completition.
  • IR-signal mode
    : A – Pulse modulated RoboCupJunior Soccer Ball Standard (step waveform modulation, 40kHz carrier)
    : B – Unmodulated RoboCupJunior Soccer Ball Standard (steady IR emission)
    : C – 600Hz pulse modulation (40kHz carrier)
    : D – 1200Hz pulse modulation (40kHz carrier)
  • Batteries (not included): 4 x size-AAA, alkaline dry cell (AM4/LR03, 1.5V) or Ni-MH rechargeable (1.2V)
  • Current consumption: 80mA (mode-A), 230mA (mode-B), 130mA (mode-C, D)
  • Weight: Approx. 95 g (0.21 lbs), excluding batteries


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