Industrial Omni Wheels

Industrial Omni Wheels

Industrial Omni wheels: applications and uses

Omni directional wheels have lots of applications. In addition to the robotic fields such as junior soccer robots, small size robots, and middle size robots, they are used in lots industrial applications. In this article, some of these applications for industrial omni wheels are discussed.

Omni directional wheels are invented to put an end to this hypothesis that the wheel can be used to move only in forward and backward directions. These Omni directional wheels are able of moving sideways in addition to forward and backward. Its design is such that it has some small rollers around the circumference, which facilitate turning rotational, lateral and diagonal. In another word, Omni directional wheel guarantees a 360-degree movement for a vehicle or robot.

Some of the industrial uses of Omni directional wheels are as follows:

  • The industrial omni wheels can be used in vehicles and instruments with the application of handling items. Because of their large maneuverability and 360-degrees movement, they are capable of handling items so easier quicker and safer.
  • Industrial Omni wheels can be used as industrial floor wheels since they have a good ride quality and flexibility.
  • One of the most attractive applications of the Industrial Omni directional wheels is conveyers and load transfers. In order to drive or free spinning loads such as used in airports, Indutrail Omni directional wheels are very useful and efficient since regardless of weight and size of the items, they provide easier movement in all directions. The full maneuverability brings are a new level of performance for industrial Omni wheels.
  • Industrial Omni wheels are used in mobile manipulators and industrial robots in order to facilitate the movement and make it more efficient and accurate.

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industrial omni wheels

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