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If you have landed here, you’re probably willing to learn about robocup competitions. So let’s jump into it.

Robocup competitions were created in order to give an opportunity to robot creators to test and evaluate their robots. Besides that, participating in fascinating competitions along with learning new things, captivate robot creators to participate in these competitions.

Each year many people around the world design robots according to specific rules in order to be part of these wonderful competitions and be able to develop their abilities in creating robots.

RoboCup Competitions

RoboCup is one of the major robotic competition in the world. after victory of deep blue against chess world champion, robocup developed the idea of robots playing soccer. the first RoboCup competition was held in 1997 with more than 40 teams and 5000 spectators. It seems like the main goal of RoboCup competitions is that at the end of 21th century, a fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer team can win the winner of the World Cup team.

There are five major leagues in RoboCup competitions:

  • Robocup soccer
  • Robocup rescue
  • Robocup industrial
  • Robocup@home
  • Robocup junior

1.RoboCup Soccer:

In robocup soccer competition, there are two soccer teams who play soccer against each other. Each robot team has different features in different leagues. This league has 5 sub leagues:

  • RoboCup Soccer-Humanoid: in this league soccer players are some autonomous human-like robots.
  • RoboCup Soccer-Standard Platform: teams in this league have to use the NAO robot from SoftBank Robotics as their soccer players.
  • RoboCup Soccer-Middle Size: both teams in this league should design their own robots with a pre-defined maximum weight and size, on-board sensors and also omni wheel.
  • RoboCup Soccer-Small Size: this league is one of the oldest RoboCup Soccer leagues. teams participating in this league should design their robot soccer players with pre-defined weight and size. They may process the information comes from 4 located cameras and use off-field computers to control the robots. omni directional wheels are also used in this robocup.

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  • RoboCup Soccer-Simulation: this league is one of the oldest RoboCup Soccer leagues. In this RoboCup League, the main focus is on the artificial intelligence and team strategy.

2.RoboCup Rescue:

Rescue robots are designed to help humans in dangerous conditions. In natural disaster like earthquake, rescue robots have the ability to move into destroyed buildings and search for people. Robocup rescue league is also designed with the same reason. this league creates a trail and test environment for robots to perform rescue operations.

This competition consists of 2 leagues:

  • RoboCup Rescue-Robot
  • RoboCup Rescue-Simulation


Robocup@home has been created to offer autonomous robots for home appliances like vacuum cleaner. These robots can help with household chores and make life a bit easier. In this competition, robot creators can test their household robot’s performance.

Robocup@home has 3 leagues:

  • RoboCup@Home-Open Platform
  • RoboCup@Home-Domestic Standard Platform
  • RoboCup@Home-Social Standard Platform

4.RoboCup Industrial:

Robots have been used in many different industries like mining, health care and manufacturing. Unsafe and dangerous tasks like working underground with the help of these automotive robots will no longer endanger human life. these robots are replacing many human jobs. Because they’re cost effective and efficient. As a result, due to increasing demand for automotive robots, robot creators have to ensure they’re offering the best possible option for different industries and applications and robocup industrial competition creates this opportunity for them to assess their industrial robots.

Robocup industrial competition has 2 leagues:

  • RoboCup Industrial-RoboCup@work: in this league which is the newest league in RoboCup competitions, robots are designed for work-related scenarios.
  • RoboCup Industrial- RoboCup Logistics: in this league the robots are designed for industrial scenarios.

5.RoboCup Junior:

This RoboCup competition is designed with educational purposes for young students. it aims at introducing RoboCup to primary and secondary school children and some undergraduates. In robocup junior many young students gathered together to learn to design and create robots in coorobation with other participating students. It has 3 leagues:

  • RoboCup Junior-Soccer: which is a soccer play between two teams with mobile robots as players.
  • RoboCup Junior-Onstage
  • RoboCup Junior-Rescue: in this competition robots must find victims, lift them up and take them into a safe place.


Robocup competitions are held every year to give students an opportunity to see how their robot can perform. By evaluating robot’s performance, they will be ready to be in real life situations and assist humans in one way or another. providing best robots can transform robotic field and accelerate growth in this area.  

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Hope you enjoyed and learned something new.

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